The Cheshire Oil Lady, Angela, mum of two, is passionate about replacing prescription and over the counter modern medicine with certified pure essential oil solutions.  Angela is a qualified AromaTouch therapist with years of experience in essential oils to support family health and wellness.

Through the success of replacing her medicine cabinet with essential oils, it has meant that she hasn't had to use any modern medicines for over 2 years.  This has given her the power to have preventative solutions as well as cure.  

Her Aromatouch massage is a light touch clinical application of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. It is a therapeutic approach that addresses four systemic constants: Stress, toxic insult, inflammatory response and autonomic imbalance. It delivers whole body benefits by helping it return to a state of balance thus improving overall wellbeing as it works on the entire bodily systems. The benefits of the AromaTouch Technique: Addresses inflammation Balances entire bodily systems Helps with stress management Provides immune system support

Cost £35 for 60 minutes

When you book an Aromatouch Massage with Angela a meal is donated to a child in need here in the UK