The Invisible Market

So you've heard of the Purple Pound right? The pound that has a consumer spend valued at anything between £50bn and £250bn. As fashion retailers, Personal Shoppers, Image Consultants, Style Advisors and service providers it's your business to help clients look and feel more confident through the services and products you offer. Any successful business will appreciate the value of keeping ahead of the fashion game and seeing opportunities to attract and retain more clients.

The majority of you reading this will never have heard of the Purple Pound, let alone the Disability Confident Campaign. As leaders in both we know this to be true. We also know that with the right professional advice, support and strategies you have access to an untapped market that has, until now, remained a powerful yet invisible sector.

We're talking about the disability sector.



Are You Ignoring A Sector That Wants & NEEDS You?

The answer is yes, you are. Because until now, the majority of fashion retailers and service providers have. Ask any person with a disability how they feel about being catered for and they'll use the word 'invisible'.  And yet they have as much right to access products and services as anyone else. More than this they have the personal spending power to get what they want and need.

Retailers ever considered that someone with a visual impairment might struggle to read a pricing tag printed in a font size 8; that a wheelchair user cant reach up high enough to pay for their goods at a high check-out desk; that someone who can't hear will struggle to get help from a store assistant.

Personal shoppers, when was the last time you took a client with disability personal shopping? When was the last time you engaged with the disabled community to let them know you can help them look and feel incredible? Imagine if today, after years of being mobile, getting what you wanted to wear and use from shops you could easily move in and out of you no longer had the use of your legs; or eyes to see; auditory capacity to hear; vocal ability to talk; mental health strength to venture out into the crowds... can you imagine how that would feel?

Put Yourself In Their Shoes - Now Help Them

So here's the thing. This isn't difficult BUT it does take time for you to understand, to plan and execute a personal shopping service that is so incredible, powerful and life altering for your clients that you'll make it your business to learn from the best. Our founder , Chief Executive and Disability Confident Leader, Susanna Kelly will be leading an online training webinar for fashion retailers, personal shoppers, image consultants and style advisors on Tuesday 24th April at 11am. She will be joined by guest speakers from the fashion, media, business and disability sector.

The intention: to empower you with practical information and strategies to allow some of the 13.3 million disabled people with a combined spending power of £250bn to experience a positive shopping experience with you.

In this 45 minute webinar you'll discover

* What the Purple Pound is and why you need it to work for you

* The size and potential of the Disability market - defining what it is to be disabled in the shopping environment

* What the disabled shopper and consumer thinks of you and why that truth needs to hurt

* The simple but powerful strategies to attract this sector to your brand and business

*  Why turning your back on the disabled consumer erodes your social standing and future

* How technology will help you bridge the gap

* The commercial reason for you to get serious in marketing to this sector

* Shifting the focus away from disability to ability - an inside out approach.



Disability In Fashion Webinar

Date: Tuesday 24th April 2018

Time: 11:00am

Duration: 45 minutes including Q & A opportunities


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About Your Webinar Leader, Susanna Kelly


susanna kelly.jpg

Susanna Kelly

CEO, Hope + Story

Susanna Kelly has operated in the fashion and lifestyles sectors for over 20 years in a commercial capacity. She has provided brands and organisations across the UK with shopper marketing insights, shopper strategies,  experiential marketing events, brand and marketing communications, personal shopping training and placement. Her visionary ability to connect brands to its consumers has enabled her to lead brands to success.  In the past 5 years Susanna has used her background and experiences within the third sector helping charities to become more commercially focused as a means of sustainability. In 2017, working alongside the DWP she was awarded the Disability Confident Leader mark as a passionate and committed advocate for seeing more disabled people employed. 

Her vision is that she can inspire and empower fashion retailers to embrace the disability sector just as it does the able-bodied consumers where "Inclusivity is a thing not a thought".

Her social enterprise Hope + Story uses fashion as a platform to tackle the increasingly difficult issues of childhood food poverty, disability and unemployment. 

81% of millennials even expect their favourite companies to make public declarations of their corporate citizenship.
— Nielson, 2015

5 Reasons Why NOT Attending Is A Mistake

1.  Your Competitors Will Be There

Because business owners with a vision and a passion for making things happen will have registered already.  This is not some flimsy might-happen 4 week 'trend'. This market is one that has been here forever, has been ignored forever but is about to get heard. How do we know? Because we're leading it from the front.

2.  You Won't Be Part of The Future

The future of retailing is changing. With new technologies driving immersive shopping experiences there has never been a better time to consider and plan for a consumer that has a disposable income to shop but that currently doesn't have access to the experience in store and online. We'll show you how you should make the transition

3. You're Losing Money

Whilst we believe that caring for your consumer, personalising the service and creating joyful shopping experiences comes first we also recognise that it's the bottom line that hits the headlines for you. This is a simple one. How much of the £250bn do you wish to miss out on?

4. A New Generation Of Consumer Won't Choose You

Consumers expect more as a society. Millenials in particular are actively pushing for an seeking out socially responsible and ethical brands and businesses who offer more than just another way to generate income from them. In 2015, Nielson published its Global Annual Report in which indicated that 66% of consumers would spend more on a sustainable brand and that 81% of millennials  expect their favourite companies to make public declarations of their corporate social responsibility.

5. This Isn't A Trend That Lasts 5 Minutes

There are 13.3 million disabled people in the UK. This isn't going to change. This is a consumer sector that has been largely ignored despite their spending power. Three quarters of disabled people and their families have left a shop or business because of poor customer service or lack of disability awareness. (Scope). Two thirds of disabled people think products are not developed with them in mind (Disability Forum 2017). Will you be at the forefront of making the change?



Disability In Fashion Webinar

Date: Tuesday 24th April 2018

Time: 11:00am

Duration: 45 minutes including Q & A opportunities


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We work with fashion retailers who understand the financial and corporate social responsibility benefits of providing inclusive shopping experiences to their existing and potential clients. We provide a consultative service to enable organisations like yours to ensure that you are able to engage with, access and offer the positive shopping experiences that yield significant profitable financial returns .

For more information and to organise a discussion with our Chief Executive, Susanna Kelly please call us on 0161 468 2676 or email susanna@hopeandstory.com

We are proud to be a Disability Confident Leader Organisation