Social Enterprises We Love: Foodinate

Social Enterprises by the nature of what we do, work so very differently from the private sector. Where profit heads up the agenda for many private organisations, it's purpose that is the driver for us. This is our mast from which we hang our sails and which allows us to charter our direction. For us, our mast is ending food poverty in the UK with our mission to ensure that no child ever has to go hungry again. The other really significant difference between the two worlds is that there is a genuine willingness and desire to collaborate in shared visions to make a difference in the world.

 Caroline Stevenson, CEO, Foodinate

Caroline Stevenson, CEO, Foodinate


We've changed our sails a few times in our journey and during that time, I was privileged to have been introduced to Caroline Stevenson, Founder and CEO of Foodinate. A Manchester-Based social enterprise, like Hope + Story, Foodinate forms partnerships with restaurants to provide a meal for a local person in need every time you order a Foodinate-selected drink or meal from their menu, at no extra cost to you! To date they have delivered an outstanding 26,957 meals to local people and they continue to drive for growth through more partnerships and reaching wider areas. Infact they have just gone national through an exciting partnership with The Alchemist chain of restaurants !

Caroline has been pivotal in helping Hope + Story to get to where it is today and we continue to support one another in our shared vision and hope for a future where food insecurity, food deprivation and food poverty are a thing of the past.

So the next time you think about where to eat, think Foodinate and check out where you can enjoy a gorgeous meal knowing that you're also helping a local person in need.


Suze Hancock