The Cheshire Oil Lady

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Hi Angela ! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how the Cheshire Oil lady was born!


Well I always thought that essential oils were for hippies and grannies and never really thought much about anything else in terms what they were for or what they can do.  My little boy didn’t sleep for the first 2 years of his life because he was congested and struggled breathing, we tried everything in the pharmacy, went to the doctors, changed his diet, but nothing worked and then I was given an essential oil to help with it and within 2 nights he was sleeping and what’s more so was I!  So here it all began….  I started exploring different essential oils for different family ailments and slowly but surely, they became my medicine cabinet.  From here family and friends started asking to try them and I loved seeing the results with ailments that they have battled with for years.  From the 4 year old that stopped using his inhaler to the 68 year old that found a pain relief from arthritic pain.  Essential oils quickly became a passion.


You're passionate about replacing modern medicine with pure essential oils, what turned your head to the wonderful craft of naturally medicating and how has it changed your life?


I felt for the first time I was in control.  I had prevention as well as cure tools.  If one of the children comes home with signs of starting a cold, I can stop it in its tracks, where before I would just have to wait and see what happened and if it got too bad then I would use paracetamol and ibuprophen.  My little girl has severe growing pains, where before I would give her ibuprophen to ease the pain, I now apply essential oils and the pain has gone within minutes.  I have tackled ear infections, tooth abscesses, water infections, stomach problems, and many more with no modern medicine.  We have not had to use antibiotics for over two years now, to which I am proud, however I am not saying there is a place for modern medicine, I just love that I have alternatives at my fingertips.  

I loved how essential oils helped my family’s health, but I didn’t really understand the emotional side and found it all quite hippyish, until I had a life-threatening operation in May last year.  I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that lead to me having serval blood transfusions because I had over 2 ½ litres of internal bleeding and told that “another hour and I wouldn’t be here”.  Those words haunted me, I couldn’t just die, I am a mum, how could this happen to me.  I felt vulnerable, raw, frightened and wanted to hide away from the world.  I did a wellness scan to see which oils it recommended to use.  The oil at the top of the list was a blend called Peace.  I diffused the oil and all I can describe it as, it was like a big warm hug full of love.  It got me trough and I now understand the emotional benefits of oils and have seen them work on my children when they are troubled, anxious or just pain hyper for no reason.  Seriously amazing!

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Starting a business can be tough. If you had any advice for someone starting their own venture what would it be?


Make sure you are passionate about what you do, if its purely about the money, you won’t enjoy it.  If you are managing a family as well as a business, do one or the other at any one time, don’t try and do the two together or you will fail at both and end up feeling guilty.

Keep the “bread and butter” job in perspective.  You need it to pay the bills, but it’s not forever.  Have faith and remember you only get out what you put in and that means investing in YOU!!


This might be tough but… what is your favourite essential oil and why?


Ooh it’s a really tough one.  But, definitely On Guard, the protective blend.  This blend of oils is the one I use to stop colds and viruses spreading.  My kids apply to their feet at night, I take internally to fight office and tram germs and we diffuse it to cleanse the air.  I also use it as my household cleaner, use On Guard toothpaste, hand wash, laundry detergent.  

My other all-time fav is Frankincense.  There was a reason why this oil was given to baby Jesus.  If ever in doubt, use Frankincense!  I have heard so many amazing success stories relating to frankincense surrounding cancer and sever life restricting pain, its healing properties are truly breath taking.


Do you have any tips or tricks to making your own essential oils from home?


Don’t even try!


What was it about Hope & Story that led you to get involved? 


Throughout my career and having businesses I have always made a conscious effort to “put back” and love the thought that something I do is helping someone else to be happier.  Over the last year due to my own personal circumstances I haven’t been doing anything and when the message came through from Hope & Story it was like fate.  I love everything about it and hope to get more involved over the year.

To find out more about how Angela can help bring greater health and emotional balance to your world or to book an appointment for a super-rebalancing massage visit her here

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