Look At Me, Not Past Me

As a company we are proud to be an accredited Disability Confident Campaign Leader for the DWP advocating, encouraging and leading the way for other organisations in the creative and fashion sectors to employ talented and committed disabled people.  Our journey to this accreditation started when our founder, Susanna Kelly, was approached to become and ambassador to the campaign which, in turn led her to work alongside and be trained by the Downs Syndrome Association's Workfit programme.

18 months later and our Fashion Assistant, Isabelle Quinn, continues to enrich our working environment. She is one of the most committed, loyal and passionate employees we have had working for us. She makes a very real contribution to how we work and she never ceases to make a huge, positive impression on our clients and suppliers. Before we leave you to listen to Issy talk about her experience of working with us, we would invite any reader of this article to contact us if they'd like to know more about the very profound benefits of employing incredible people who remain, sadly, marginalised and denied the opportunity to lead the very ordinary but meaningful lives we quite often take for granted.

Enjoy !